“As you may know from my envelope, I am incarcerated, and my poor choices affect my child; but if I have learned anything in this world of bars it is that the lack of education is the center of most of the broken dreams. My son has received a scholarship from your group, and it is with your assistance that he has excelled. The reality is clear – with your help his steps have been many, and your continued support has enabled him to dream.” – Leonard (Father) and Khidir (student)

“We had prayed that somehow the money would be found and that we would be able to make the tuition payment on time. Within a week a letter arrived from the school, regarding a Scholarship from your program. Melvin received his report card and he had done well. I praise the Lord for answering our prayer so soon. ” – Sha’-Lee (parent) & Melvin (student)

“We are so vividly reminded of the blessing that the educational choice scholarship has been to our family. We made a choice to enroll our daughter, Abigail, in a private, Christian school without knowing how we would be able to afford the payment that accompanied that enrollment. The scholarship we have received allowed us to keep her there without worrying about withdrawing her for financial reasons before the academic year is completed. She is receiving a superior education and we are deeply grateful for the scholarship we received to make that possible! Thanks from the bottom of our hearts” – John, Angie (parents) & Abigail (student)

“I would like to extend my deepest thanks for awarding my children financial help for the 2008-2009 school year. It means the world to me to know that there are organizations that are able to help our children receive a good quality education. Without the help of places such as yours I would not be able to send my children to Summit Christian Academy. Thank you again on behalf of all the families you help.” – Nadia (parent) and Paul, Shayne, and Stephen (students)

“Thank you for the scholarship that our daughter Alyxandra recently received. The contributions from businesses to the PA EITC program has helped our family a lot with the cost of sending our children to a Christian school. Without the support of this program we would be unable to do so.” – Antony and Alison (parents) and Alyxandra (student)

“Our family has been recipients of EITC Scholarships so that our children can be enrolled in a school of our choice. We are so very grateful to the businesses that contribute to keep these scholarships going. We are extremely thankful for these scholarships that allow us to keep our children in their current school” – A Grateful Family